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History: 1945 - 1984

Vitamins and Antibiotics Become Major Sellers


Postwar research
Takeda Research Division (1936)

Takeda Research Division (1936)

After World War II, in addition to vitamin B1 and Vitacampher®(a cardiovascular and respiratory stimulant), which it had researched before the war, Takeda began exploratory research of antibiotics and synthetic research of folic acid. It also started production research for penicillin, which it started manufacturing in 1948.


The Hikari Plant opens
The Hikari Plant

The Hikari Plant

With a license from the GHQ, Takeda converted the bombed-out ruins of a naval arsenal in Hikari, Yamaguchi Prefecture, into a factory. This marked the first private use of publicly owned land after the war. It became Takeda's second main plant, following the Osaka Plant, and primarily manufactured vaccines, which were acutely needed by society at the time.


Takeda's shares listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges


Sales begin of Panvitan®, the first multivitamin in Japan


Takeda establishes Lederle (Japan), Ltd. in a 50:50 joint venture with American Cyanamid Company (ACC).

Takeda and ACC each provided half of the capital to establish Lederle (Japan)(now Wyeth K.K.). This was the first pharmaceutical joint venture in Japan after the war. Lederle (Japan) manufactured the antibiotic Aureomycin, which Takeda marketed.


Sales begin of Alinamin®, a vitamin B1 derivative

Takeda successfully developed and began sales of the vitamin B1 derivative Alinamin®, a prodrug that increased absorption of vitamin B1. Around the same time, the Company also started supplying vitamins for food enrichment to ease the malnutrition caused by postwar food shortages.


Takeda begins exports of vitamin C to the U.S.

Expansion into Overseas Markets


Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Following the establishment of a manufacturing and marketing company in Taiwan in 1962, Takeda established manufacturing and marketing companies in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., established in 1994, became the first plant in China to be certified for Good Manufacturing Practice.


Takeda issues U.S. dollar-denominated convertible bonds in Europe, the first such issuance by a Japanese company



In 1978, Takeda established a pharmaceutical marketing joint venture in France, followed by operating bases in Germany and Italy.


Antibiotics Takesulin®and Pansporin®launched in Japan

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