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History: 2000 - Onwards

Aiming to be a Global Pharmaceutical Company


The right to access and utilize the databases of Celera Genomics obtained

Utilizing Celera's genomic information, Takeda has been facilitating our discovery research on orphan receptors and ligands and to discover unknown enzyme genes and disease-related genes.

Restructuring non-pharmaceutical businesses began

In order to concentrate management resources into pharmaceutical businesses, Takeda has been restructuring animal health business, bulk vitamin business, urethane chemicals business, food business, agro business and life-environment business our non-pharmaceutical businesses as originally planned in the 2001-2005 Medium-Term Management Plan.


Takeda Ventures, Inc., investment company,established in the U.S.


All the Shares of Takeda Pharma GmbH aquired, a pharmaceutical marketing company in Germany

Takeda Pharma GmbH and its 100% owned subsidiaries (one in Austria "Takeda Pharma Ges.m.b.H" and the other in Switzerland "Takeda Pharma AG") became a 100% subsidiary of Takeda Europe Holdings Ltd.

Takeda Pharma Ireland Limited, a pharmaceutical bulk plant, established

It is our first bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing site outside Japan.
In 2009, it was integrated with Takeda Ireland Limited into a single operation.


Takeda Global Research & Development Center Inc., established in the U.S.

Takeda has integrated the development function in the U.S., Europe and Japan. By reinforcing the development system and its function at a global level, Takeda aims to accelerate the progress of development stages of our products and to achieve its early launch onto the market in the tri-polar markets.


Merge Syrrx, Inc. into the Takeda Group as the research base in the U.S.

The company changed its name to Takeda San Diego, Inc.

Insomnia treatment Rozerem™ launched in the U.S.



Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited established in U.K.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited leads operations in Europe and accelerates pan-European strategies for the medium to long term.

New U.S. home office established

New home office of Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. and Takeda Global Research & Development Center, Inc.

The opening of the new home offices in the United States is one of the greatest achievements for establishing and enhancing Takeda's U.S. business.


Merge Paradigm Therapeutics Limited as the new research base

Takeda now has research functions in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and in Singapore. This acquisition surely represents our initiatives for establishing global research infrastructures and for pursuing the world's highest standard of productivity.
The company and its subsidiary renamed Takeda Cambridge Limited and Takeda Singapore Pte Limited.

Takeda San Francisco, Inc., for therapeutic antibody research, established in the U.S.

Reinforcing a Global Operating Infrastructure


Merge Amgen K.K.

Takeda merged Amgen K.K., which used to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Amgen Inc. in Japan being engaged in the clinical development of the investigational compounds including molecules in oncology. It has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda and changed its name to Takeda Bio Development Center Limited.

Restructuring of the U.S. Operations

Takeda, Abbott evenly divided the value of their joint venture, TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Following the completion of the transaction, Takeda integrated TAP into two of its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiaries, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. and Takeda Global Research and Development Center, Inc.

Acquire Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Millennium Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a leading biopharmaceutical company. It has an innovation-driven discovery and development organization, which is advancing a pipeline of novel product candidates in oncology and inflammation.
This acquisition accelerates Takeda's vision of becoming a global leader in oncology with critical mass in the areas of oncology discovery, development, regulatory affairs and commercialization.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Asia Private Limited established in the Republic of Singapore

TPAsia leads operations overall Asian sales and marketing.

Takeda Clinical Research Singapore Private Limited established in the Republic of Singapore

TCRS is responsible for clinical development operations in the Asia-Oceania region for Takeda's global clinical development operations.


DEXILANT™ (a treatment of Acid Reflux Disease) launched in the U.S.


Uloric® (febuxostat, for the chronic management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout) launched in the U.S.


Creation of Global Centers of Excellence

In order to maximize the global market potential of new products and the company's global presence, Takeda has created corporate-level, center of excellence research & development, commercial and administrative functions.
In conjunction with this reorganization, Takeda has established a new wholly-owned affiliate, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. to which the newly established roles of Chief Scientific Officer and International Operations will belong.


MEPACT (generic name:mifamurtide), a treatment for non-metastatic osteosarcoma, in Europe

Takeda launched six new products in Japan

  •   NESINA (generic name: alogliptin benzoate), a treatment for type 2 diabetes
  •   ROZEREM (generic name: ramelteon), an insomnia drug
  •   VECTIBIX (generic name:panitumumab) anti-cancer agent
  •   METACT (a fixed-dose combination of Actos and metformin) with two active ingredients, each with a different action mechanism, that is a treatment for type 2 diabetes
  •   UNISIA (a fixed-dose combination of Blopress and amlodipine besilate), a treatment for hypertension
  •   Actos Orally Disintegrating Tablets (generic name: pioglitazone hydrochloride), a treatment for type 2 diabetes that offers improved ease of administration


Takeda acquired Nycomed,a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in emerging markets

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