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The CSR Committee at Takeda IE Ltd (TIL)

Takeda Ireland Limited has always been committed to good Corporate Social Responsibility. Takeda Ireland Limited has historically monitored environmental impact, and partnered with suppliers that echo our own Company values and contributed to the local society.

These activities have further enriched employee development.

The CSR Committee works to develop the stakeholder area's further in an integrated approach. Focusing on the implementation of the Global CSR Strategy at local level it is designed to achieve sustainable development whilst improving the relationship between Takeda Ireland Limited and the local communities via the 4 key stakeholder groups.

The committee comprises of a cross functional representation of staff from; Admin, Engineering, Production, Quality, Environmental, and Logistics. The Company's President/CEO acts as team sponsor in supporting the team in all activities and representing the team at Director level ensuring decisions are made in a socially responsible manner. The shared expertise within the committee in the areas of the four key stakeholders allows Takeda Ireland Limited to ensure that Social Responsibility is at the core of everyday life at Takeda Ireland Limited.

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